A note of Encouragement for Providence Presbytery Missions

Subject: Providence/Mission Yearbook

Dear Dr. Verdery:

I’ve just finished reading about the ministries of Providence Presbytery so this greetings on a Saturday comes clear across the country from an 83 year old geezer in Cascades Presbytery and Portland, OR in particular. What a delight to read the pages from 2006 even through the 2010 Mission Yearbook about Second Harvest Partners.. Bethelwood camp’s influence on persons of all ages… the formation of Faith Presbyterian Church beginning with an emergency hospital visit to a new family in the area… and one that I really liked was the pre- school started that is growing. The latter school reminds me of one of the small Presbyterian churches that is close to me which started an early education pre-school last year with just 4 or 5 students. Now it’s numbers multiplied and is a fine example of meeting the needs of young families. So for me that was a great tie in with the ministries of Providence. One of the other delights beyond reading in the Yearbooks is the availability of the websites of the Presbyteries! That way I learn even more about your ministries and at my age it’s an encouragement to know that ministry will continue far beyond my lifetime which for any follower of Christ is a gracious gift. To you and all the colleagues in the Presbytery, my gratitude for creative ministries in the name of our Lord.

May you all continue to find rest and renewal in the gentle curve of His smile,

E.R. Bud Frimoth

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