Mary Mikhael Letter of Thanks to Providence Presbytery

To The Mission Council in the Providence Presbytery

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. This is to express deep gratitude for the opportunity I had visiting you and meeting a group of you over Dinner – Your love and hospitality are overwhelming. May you all be guided and blessed by the Spirit of God in all your ministries. This is also to acknowledge with sincere appreciation the receipt of your check in the amount of $1,000.- being your donation for the ministry of the Near East School of Theology. We praise God for your being partners in our ministry, and our prayers for this partnership to be strengthened for the glory of God. Thank you friends and may you all be showered by God’s love and care.

In Christ,

Mary Mikhael President

Encl.: Receipt. cc: Dr. Larry and Mrs. Evie Richards.

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