Advent Virtual Music Festival

Providence Presbytery Presents


Welcome to the Virtual Advent Music Festival offered by the churches of Providence Presbytery.

Six churches offered 20 musical entries. We are so grateful to Bowling Green Presbyterian, Douglas Presbyterian, Hopewell Presbyterian, First Presbyterian Lancaster, Oakland Avenue Presbyterian and Unity Presbyterian for their participation in this event.

Watch the hour-long event as a worship service by clicking the first link, below OR watch the entries one at a time at your leisure by scrolling through and clicking the individual links.

Providence Presbytery Presents December 2020–Virtual Advent Music Festival

OR Watch the individual offerings by clicking on each of their YouTube links below.

Bowling Green – A Call to Advent
Oakland Avenue – Gayle Sawyer, Gina Jones, David Hyatt, Tony Jones–Vocalists
Hopewell Presbyterian – Vincent Hambright
First Presbyterian Lancaster – – Chancel Choir
Oakland Avenue Covenant Choir
Douglas Presbyterian – Toby Taylor
Oakland Avenue – Revelation Ringers
Unity Presbyterian – Margaret Monroe, Piano and Organ
Oakland Avenue – Fred Smith, Cello
Oakland Avenue – Men’s Ensemble
Douglas Presbyterian – Elaine Monroe, Piano
Hopewell Presbyterian – Vincent Hambright, Keyboard and Vocals
Oakland Avenue Presbyterian – Revelation Ringers
First Presbyterian Lancaster – Chancel Choir
Oakland Avenue Presbyterian – Covenant Choir
Bowling Green – Martin and Jane Stokes, Guitar and Vocalists
Oakland Avenue Presbyterian Church – Women’s Ensemble
Bowling Green Presbyterian –  NeTorrian De’ Patton, Vocalist and Todd Gillespie, Piano
Unity Presbyterian – Chancel Choir
Oakland Avenue Presbyterian. – Joyful Praise Choir
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