Disaster Preparedness

If your church experiences, any disaster related issues, please contact the Presbytery office to let us know. 803-328-6269 or 1-800-922-1609

Presbyterian Women Disaster Preparedness Trainer Resources

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and Presbyterian Women Teamed up for a Train the Trainer Event. The resources presented are for Certified Trainers only.

Need a Trainer? Click the Certified Trainers button below for a list of Providence Presbytery Disaster Prep Trainers.

South Carolina Mobile Apps for Emergencies –

South Carolina Emergency Management Division


The official app of SCEMD  is designed for users to build their own emergency plans, to keep track of supplies and to stay connected to your loved ones. In addition, coastal residents can now “Know Your Zone” instantly using the maps feature as well as locate the nearest emergency shelters when they are open.

Click this link: https://www.scemd.org/stay-informed/publications/hurricane-guide   to download the current Hurricane Guide.

Have an emergency supplies kit prepared, to include at least:  three days’ drinking water (two gallons per person per day); non-perishable food; flashlight with extra batteries; portable battery-operated radio; first-aid kit; non-electric can opener; essential medicines; cash and credit cards. Download Emergency Preparedness Checklist!

 Check out the Disaster Preparation, Mitigation, and Response Manual: A Resource Manual for Congregations and Mid-Councils. (This manual was created by Ken McKenzie, Disaster Response Coordinator, Synod of South Atlantic Presbyterian Church (USA)) https://pda.pcusa.org/page/midcouncil-epda/#prep 


Here a few weather related tips:

 *         Know your evacuation route.

*         Make sure you write down the phone numbers and policy numbers for your insurance policies. Have the license, registration & insurance card for your auto.

 *         Keep a full tank of gas in your vehicles.

 *         Listen to your radio, or watch tv for updates. Download the SCMD app to your phone. www.scemd.org/stay-informed/mobile-applications/SC Emergency Manager

*        If you are in the path of the storm, fill your tub with water in case the power goes out and you’re on well water. No power- no water, no water – no flushed toilets!

*         Make sure you have batteries for flashlights and such.

*         Make sure you have all important medications that you may need in case you’re stuck at home for a few days. Also have the prescription for your glasses, in case lost or damaged.

*         Plastic Storage Bags are a vital part of your emergency kits to keep everything dry – matches, batteries, important papers, medicine, etc.

*         Remember to have food you can open, if you only have an electric can opener you cannot open the can. So think about how you’re going to open it and how you’re going to heat it or not.

*         Have a cooler of ice for milk and such.

*         Protect your home by covering windows with permanent shutters, plywood panels or other shielding materials.  Bring in lawn furniture and other loose objects, such as garbage cans, that  may become a hazard during high winds.

*         Remember the 4 legged babies. Pets are not allowed in official shelters. Pet Friendly hotels:     http://www.pet-friendly-hotels.net   (Also see Emergency Guide for Pets).

*         Clear loose and clogged rain gutters and downspouts

*         Turn off propane tanks.

*         Please see the attached Disaster Prep guide for more information https://www.scemd.org/stay-informed/publications/hurricane-guide


Check out Presbyterian Disaster Assistance for information on how you can help!

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