Faith and Sexuality Retreat

Tired of Rolled Eyes and Uncomfortable Conversations?

Time to Re-frame your Conversations!

Who? Providence Presbytery Youth 6th to 8th Grade

What? A Comprehensive Faith-based Weekend Retreat for Youth and their Parents (on Saturday)

Where? Bethelwoods Camp and Conference Center

When? February 28 and 29, 2020

Hear from the Retreat Leader!

What if you were able to discuss puberty, adolescent changes and sexuality with your middle schooler, laying the groundwork for open, ongoing communication about God, about our bodies, and about the gift of sexuality? What if you had the tools and foundation to frame these conversations within the context of faith? How would that change your future interactions with your youth and their faith journey?

The Faith and Sexuality Retreat is designed to help you begin to navigate these challenging conversations and lay the groundwork for open communication.  While the event is a youth retreat, a crucial part of the event is the parent/youth workshop which encourages you to start (or continue) these important conversations in a way that recognizes that at its heart,  sexuality is a gift from God. 

Youth will learn about healthy body image, the changes that come along with the onset of puberty, how relationships change as they mature, human reproductive systems and processes, prenatal development and birth, social media, and peer and family pressure. Our workshop leader will also answer questions the youth present during the sessions.

Parents will receive tools for beginning and continuing conversations with their youth as well as dedicated time for starting conversations and answering questions with their child at the event.

WHAT IS THE FAITH AND SEXUALITY RETREAT? This is a comprehensive faith-based sexuality retreat for middle school aged youth in Providence Presbytery.

WHO IS LEADING THIS RETREAT? Nicole Newton holds a Master of Divinity degree from Wake Forest University and a Master of Christian Education from Union Presbyterian Seminary.   She has a passion for comprehensive faith-based sexuality education. 

WHERE IS THE RETREAT BEING HELD? Bethelwoods Camp and Conference Center in York, SC.

WHEN WILL THE RETREAT BE HELD? Friday,  February 28 beginning at 5:00 PM and Saturday, February 29 until 5:00 PM. Parents should plan to attend a parents’ meeting at 5:00 PM on Friday and a workshop 3:00-5:00 PM on Saturday.

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS RETREAT? It is designed to open communication between parents and their youth as the youth look toward all of the changes that are coming as they enter middle and high school.

IS THERE A TIME IN THE WORKSHOP WHEN I CAN BE INVOLVED IN THE CONVERSATIONS? Yes!  We have built a 2 hour workshop for parents and their youth to begin (or continue) conversations about faith and sexuality.

HOW CAN I BE SURE MY VALUES ARE BEING TAUGHT TO MY CHILD? The goal of this event is to help give parents tools to set conversations around puberty, adolescence and sexuality within the context of faith at the event and in the future. Parents will also learn to share their values as they speak with their youth around these topics.

WHAT ARE THE TOPICS THAT WILL BE DISCUSSED? Sexuality as a gift from God; Physical and Emotional Changes at Puberty; Changing Relationships (family and friends); Male and Female Reproductive Systems and Processes; Prenatal Development and Birth; Social Media; Peer and Family Pressure

WHAT WILL HAPPEN AT THE EVENT? Students and parents will arrive at 5PM on Friday. Youth will have dinner, games, a body image workshop and lots of recreation.  Parents will have a 45-minute  meeting to set expectations and prepare for Saturday’s Parent/Youth Workshop. Saturday morning youth will get up and participate in workshops and a Q and A session.  Parents will return at 3:00 PM for a workshop and individual conversations with their youth.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Cost is $125 per youth

HOW TO I REGISTER? Go to and click on “register for camp.”

About the Leader

Our leader,  Nicole Newton serves as the Associate Pastor for Children, Youth, & Families at First Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, NC. She holds a Master of Divinity degree from Wake Forest University School of Divinity and a Master of Christian Education from Union Presbyterian Seminary. 

She has a passion for comprehensive faith-based sexuality education and for helping children and their families have open conversations about tough topics.  

She is the mom of two wild and wonderful daughters and the wife of the most patient husband known to humanity. In her free time, she enjoys cooking for large crowds, traveling the world, and having silly dance parties in the kitchen.

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