Providence Presbytery Presents

Educating, equipping and empowering God’s People for Ministry!
Episode 10: EEMT Offers Resources for 2021 Advent
Episode 9: Dimes for Hunger Yesterday and Today
Episode 7: EEMT Discusses Curriculum Available for Children, Youth and Adult Sunday school for 2021 and beyond in the July PPP!
Episode 6: May 2021 : Tools for Living Out Matthew 25
Episode 3: Christian Education During a Pandemic
Episode 2: What is Transition — broadcast: August 26, 2020 7PM
Episode 8: Disaster Prep for churches: Find resources and more at this link
Episode 5 : Human Trafficking March 2021
Episode 4: All Saints’ Day Service — If video doesn’t play automatically–you can view it here
Episode 1: Virtual Music Festival:
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