Trainer Resources

Resources below are password protected and available to PW-PDA Certified Trainers only.

Certified Trainers received the password in their PW-PDA CERTIFIED TRAINERS WELCOME EMAIL.

If you cannot locate your password, you may call the Presbytery Office at 803-328-6269 or email Rose at

Want to host a workshop? click here for a list of Certified Trainers in Providence Presbytery.

Index of Materials Available for Trainers


2-List of PW PDA Certified Trainers for Providence Presbytery

3-Providence Presbytery Emergency Contact Information

4-South Carolina County  Emergency Management Contact Info

5-Chiefs of Police 

6-List of Code Numbers for South Carolina Counties

7-Community Disaster Risk Assessment Form

8-Disaster Preparation Checklist for the Local Congregation

9-Congregational Disaster Plan Template

10-PDA Disaster Plan

11-Create A Working Plan for Training Events Within Your Congregations

12-PDA Minute For Mission & Talking Points When Doing Training

13-PDF FORMAT of PDA Providence Presbytery Disaster Preparedness Workshop Power Point Presentation Slides   4/15/23

13A-POWER POINT SHOW – PDA Providence Presbytery Disaster Preparedness Workshop 4/15/23

14-PDA Disaster Preparedness Workshop 8/2020

15-Example of a Church Preparedness Plan – Grace (L) Presbyterian Church

16-Resources on Human Caused Disasters

17-Synopsis of Response in Human-Caused Disaster – National Response Team

18-Hurricane Preparedness Flyer

19-Disaster Preparedness and Response Resources

20-PDA Flyer – QR Code and DR Codes For Disaster

21-SLED – Active Shooter For Worship Environment Course Flyer

22-FEMA – Federal Government Resources for Protecting Houses of Worship – Check out the Security Grants

23-Code Red Flyer – Emergency Alerts

24-Puzzle Table Top Exercise Instructions

25-List of Books From Mark McCain – National Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Team Member

26-Video Links for PW PDA Training

27-Parking Lot Questions

28-PDA QR Code Flyer

29-Disaster Preparedness Guide For Pets

30-FEMA Guide For Developing High Quality Emergency Operations Plans For Houses of Worship

31-Disaster Check List For the Family

32-Disaster Check List For Mid Council

33-Additional Resources For Disaster

34-PW PDA Commissioning Unity Service

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