Nominations Committee

Every church has some. You know them. People who have interests, gifts and abilities that make them absolutely perfect for the Bethelwoods Ministry Team, Presbytery Coordinating Team or another committee? Who are they in your church?

The Nominating Committee depends on people like you to help us know of people in your church who have the gifts and talents that will make them ideal for serving on a particular committee or ministry team.

It takes a little time and thought to come up with nominations, but it is so important! When there are not many names submitted, that puts the committee in a quandary. Even though those serving on the nominating committee DO know
people outside their own congregations, they may not know them well. They may not know their strengths and weaknesses, their particular gifts, or their specific interests. They may ask a willing soul to serve in one area, when they would be better suited for another area more to their liking. Serving in a place that does not fit your gifts or interests is a recipe for poor participation and burnout.

Please help us by nominating people from your church community who would be willing and able to serve on the Presbytery Coordinating Team, a Ministry Team or a Committee .

We can’t wait to hear about all of the gifted people in your congregation!

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