IN THE KNOW week of 2.13.2023

Matthew 25 Educational Opportunities; Leaderfest Workshop Event Registration; Fentanyl Crisis Community Discussion and so much more! Check out this week’s In the Know here:

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2 thoughts on “IN THE KNOW week of 2.13.2023

  1. This website is impossible to use…….too many places to go, no clear definition……..i could not print off the main message……..wound up with 5 virtually empty pages, no detail. I won’t try to use it again………too sophisticated for us older folks who have been using technology for over 40 years when it was new. And I don’t use twitter or Facebook … not even for my grandkids! I was hoping to get more involved in the Presbytery. (Unity Presbyterian member) Sorry!

    1. providencepresby March 11, 2023 — 6:34 pm

      I’m so very sorry that you found the website difficult to use. Would you like to subscribe to In the Know so that you can receive a PDF version of the newsletter? If so, please shoot me an email at and I will get you subscribed. Thank you for your feedback.

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